Where to Give

Your gift can make an impact in so many ways. You can designate your gift to help BVU in a specific area, or allow us to direct assistance to where it is needed most.

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Annual Fund

Annual fund gifts can be directed where they are needed most. This flexibility allows BVU to respond to the ever-changing needs and circumstances on campus. Gifts to the annual fund are available to spend upon receipt and have an immediate impact on the students, faculty and staff of BVU.


BVU students are awarded scholarships based on financial aid, academic merit or both. Your support will ensure funding is available to keep a BVU education within reach. Learn more about supporting scholarships...

BV Club: Supporting Beaver Athletics

The BV Club is a family of alumni, friends and supporters of Buena Vista University who care deeply for the continued growth, success and rich tradition of Beaver athletics programs. Learn more about joining the Beaver athletics...

Friends of BVU Visual and Performing Arts

Support fine arts at BVU as a Friend of the Visual and Performing Arts. As a member, your gift will support programs in art & graphic design, animation, music, and digital media. Learn more about supporting the visual and performing arts...

My Interests

Donors may choose to support one of our five schools, or other interests. Your generosity will enable BVU to provide more opportunities for hands-on research, global learning, faculty development, and further enhance the BVU student experience.